It often happens that after a formal divorce, the couple does not give up the idea that the case is not over, because the union of man and woman, sanctified by the church, continues to exist and creates the appearance of certain moral obligations between the former marriage. Due to ignorance of the moral norms established by religion, people often ask for divorce, although the official church does not recognize such a procedure, and in each case emphasizes that church marriage cannot be dissolved, although this fictional rite in society can be replaced by ordinary confession. As a result of this procedure, the church can give a blessing for the next marriage, but this is quite rare given that such authority according to church norms is given only to the Bishop of the church, and the procedure itself can be quite long. In Ukraine, on average, only about 40 procedures are performed per year.

Church marriage: legal force

In general, a marriage that is concluded according to church rules from a legal point of view is no different from a civil marriage, i.e. an actual marital relationship, provided that the spouses live together and run a joint household. Thus, registered and church marriages do not affect each other in any way, the dissolution of one marriage does not oblige or does not lead to the dissolution of another.

In addition to the fact that the church itself does not recognize “divorce”, people often consider it a legal procedure that should immediately follow the divorce in the civil registry office or in the church. In fact, any proceedings that take place according to church canons do not presuppose the occurrence of legal consequences for the spouses, and therefore an appeal to lawyers to resolve the issue of whether it is inexpedient to register with the Registry Office. Therefore, the most important thing to learn from this article is that a church marriage does not create any legal consequences. They can occur only after obtaining a marriage certificate at the local registry office.

Divorce after marriage

What does the procedure conducted by the church in Lviv look like?

In order to avoid the mistakes described above, it should be remembered that the procedure, which is called “debunking” in society, is an interview with the priest, during which he learns about the circumstances that preceded the divorce, as well as who was the initiator of the rupture, whose guilt has more weight. The result of this procedure is only a pure forgiveness of sins by the church, which does not involve the issuance of any official documents. Preparation for such a procedure can usually last from one to six months and consists of several interviews, which are conducted both individually and in the presence of the other spouse.

Is divorce after marriage a sin?

Yes, and no more. As described above, this is essentially a multi-stage long confession. Therefore, at the final stage of “debunking” the couple is invited to confession, followed by communion.

What are the consequences of entering into a church marriage without its registration?

First of all, such a marriage does not give the right to change one’s surname, significantly complicates the adoption and the process of establishing the origin of the child. Still, at the birth of a child in marriage, the father records the wife’s husband. Otherwise, the origin of the child will be determined by the application of the mother and father, or by court decision. Hence the corresponding difficulties in the appointment of alimony. In addition, in such a marriage there is a need to apply to the court to establish the fact of being in a de facto marital relationship and recognition of the right of joint ownership of property and its distribution. In order to inherit the property of a deceased spouse, you will have to prove that you were in an actual marital relationship with the deceased. It is not a good idea to hope for a will in such circumstances.