Many are familiar with the situation when you need to look for your destiny abroad. There are not hundreds of such people, but thousands of them. The lack of Ukraine drives its citizens in search of the best in Europe, Asia, or even far overseas. And it often happened that our people not only found good jobs and opportunities for development, but also built families, gave birth to children. But the desire to return to their homeland never leaves them. Therefore, it often happens that families break up, and women return to Ukraine with children from foreigners. And the question arises: from whom now to expect help? How to recover alimony from a foreigner who permanently resides abroad and who does not intend to support his family?

Don’t worry about that. After all, our lawyers have already taken care and found possible ways to resolve such disputes. Based on the proven judicial practice, the lawyer will provide you with advice taking into account the specific circumstances of the case. Professionalism and individuality in the approach to clients is what distinguishes our lawyers and can successfully solve a problem for you.

The first step for collecting alimony from a foreigner

Of course, the best way to collect alimony is an agreement between the child’s parents about the financial support of their child. Our lawyers always first of all recommend just such a peaceful way, because in most cases it will be effective and help preserve the relationship between fathers and children, which should be a priority in family relationships.

However, if you cannot find a common language with your foreign husband in providing assistance for the child, then you should turn to compulsory ways to resolve this situation. In this case, you need to go to court. Since only the court can specifically oblige the party to pay monetary amounts for the maintenance of the child.

You should start the trial by choosing a qualified lawyer. After all, this will be the key to a successful completion of the case in your favor. A lawyer in the field of family law will tell you which court to apply to, how best to formulate the claims and how much you can demand from the opposite party to fully provide for the common child.

A lawyer who is a professional in his field will explain to you all the subtleties that may arise when considering cases on the recovery of alimony, and will tell you how best to act in your specific situation.

Litigation for the recovery of alimony from a foreigner

In order to start any legal process, you need to submit a statement of claim to the appropriate court. Ukrainian legislation provides that the parent who has filed a claim for the recovery of alimony in the interests of the child may submit an application to the local courts of general jurisdiction at his place of residence.

The lawyer will explain to you in detail about the claims that should be indicated in the application. Since only after a thorough clarification of all the circumstances of the case, he will advise what to demand specifically in your case.

However, in any case, a claim for the recovery of alimony must be correctly formulated, containing clear requirements and explanations from the side of the appeal. Our lawyers also advise asking the court to order alimony in a fixed amount, which will further facilitate the implementation of the court decision outside Ukraine. Since the decision to collect alimony in the form of a share of income may be ineffective due to the lack of official income of a foreigner in his country of residence.

Evidence is also an important element of the statement of claim. The applicant party should give detailed reasons to the court about the amount of alimony that is planned to be charged if it exceeds the minimum guaranteed by law.

Our lawyers know how to formulate a statement of claim so that you receive a court decision in your favor and move on to the stage of its effective implementation.

Execution of the decision on collecting alimony from a foreigner

This stage is the most desirable for the applicant. After all, this means that the claim is satisfied in your favor, and the claim will be fulfilled in the near future.

However, not everything is as easy as it seems. A court decision on the recovery of alimony from a foreigner permanently residing abroad must be recognized in the foreign country and executed on its territory. To do this, it is necessary to collect a package of documents provided by law

But don’t worry about the complicated system for collecting child support. An experienced lawyer who has faced similar cases more than once knows about these difficulties and how to solve them. That is why it is the first thing to find a qualified lawyer in order to achieve the result you expect in the future.

Our lawyers will be able to explain these and many other peculiarities in cases of the recovery of alimony to you in more detail. After all, they helped with the solution of many family cases in court, and therefore they know how to help you too.

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