Married life consists of joys, fun, quarrels and arguments. Sometimes, misunderstandings between spouses lead to divorce. And even if your part is a foreigner, divorce in Ukraine without his / her consent is possible. You are not the first person to address such problems, so your situation will not be news to our staff. Lawyers in Lviv, who are specialists in the field of family relations, will help you carry out this procedure as soon as possible.

How to file for divorce from a foreigner?

The trial in Ukraine should be carried out with the support of qualified lawyers, because it is they who know all the intricacies of its implementation and can give professional advice to the party to the process. You can file for divorce from a foreigner both in Lviv and elsewhere in Ukraine. It all depends on whether the defendant lives on the territory of our state, or his whereabouts are unknown.

The application must be submitted to a court in accordance with the rules of territorial jurisdiction. It should be noted that in order to avoid wasting time and effort, you should find out where the other side of the procedure lives or lived. This will significantly reduce the time for consideration of the case, because you do not have to go to the Supreme Court to determine the territorial location of the court of first instance. After you have determined which court you should apply to, you need to draw up a statement of claim. It must indicate the reasons for the impossibility of further cohabitation as a spouse. This is an obligatory component of such a statement, because if the parties do not appear at the trial, the court, on the basis of this document and other evidence provided by the parties, will resolve the dispute on the merits.

The question of consent or lack thereof in cases of divorce from a foreigner is optional. After all, marriage, first of all, is the voluntary consent of two people. So, if at least one party does not want to be in a marriage relationship anymore, the other cannot force it without giving its consent to their termination. Therefore, even without the consent of the other party, that is, a foreigner in your case, the court can make a positive decision in your favor, provided that the submitted documents are sufficient for this. A detailed description of the matrimonial life in the claim will ensure that the case is quickly dealt with and a decision is made in the applicant’s favor. That is why it is important to seek the help of qualified lawyers who have experience in the field of divorce.

Divorce from a foreigner in Ukraine

Many of our compatriots go abroad in search of a better life, stable income, and sincere love. The prospect of a good life abroad, ideal pictures on the Internet, tempting offers from citizens of other states are more and more encouraging Ukrainians to leave their home country.

However, it does not always work out as well as possible. Therefore, the problem of divorce from a foreigner often arises. And even more frightening of our fellow citizens is the disagreement of a foreigner or his absence on the territory of Ukraine. In any case, you should not worry that such a situation cannot be resolved or will result in a waste of time and money. We have repeatedly encountered such cases and we know how to help you.

Divorce from a foreigner without his presence

When the two parties to the proceedings are located on the territory of the state where the case is being heard, the proceedings are carried out quickly and reach their logical conclusion.

However, you should not worry that a divorce from a foreigner will not happen without his presence. The notice about the consideration of the case is posted on the official websites of the state authorities of Ukraine, that is, in free access. Thus, anyone who wishes has the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the summons to the court. Court sessions can take place without calling the parties. This rule is spelled out by the legislation of Ukraine, so you should not worry about whether such a court decision will be valid on the territory of Ukraine. In Lviv, it is common practice to divorce a foreigner without his presence. Our lawyers are knowledgeable in this area of ​​dispute resolution, so they can easily help you with this issue.

It is worth explaining in more detail how such meetings take place. The judge, based on the written materials of the case, draws his conclusions about whether the future of the parties living together is possible, whether there is a possibility of their reconciliation, or it is already worth breaking up the marriage, or the parties have a chance to renew their relationship within a month.

The end result in cases without the presence of the parties is the issuance of a court decision in absentia. The foreigner also learns about his divorce from the published decision. Ukrainian legislation provides for the possibility of communication from a party that was absent from the meeting.

Our lawyers do their best to ensure that the court makes a decision that would satisfy the interests of the party who applied to us as much as possible. Qualified preparation of documents and constant support of a lawyer is a guarantee of obtaining an absentee court decision on divorce from a foreigner without his consent and without his presence in Ukraine.