Many Ukrainians are faced with the judicial authorities in our country. Protracted proceedings and unfair decisions are the first things that come to mind when you mention going to court. Have you heard about the possibility of divorce through the registry office by mutual consent of the spouses?

Our lawyers have been working in this area for a long time and have excellent experience in resolving such situations. You will be happy with the result of contacting us. Constant legal support will ensure the implementation of a quick and effective procedure for divorce. You won’t even notice how quickly the divorce proceedings will end.

It is not often that spouses are found willing to end their marriage. Usually, some one party objects to this or simply does not appear for a peaceful settlement of the dispute. Constant scandals accompany such married couples for a long time on the way of their divorce.

However, what if you are not one of those couples? The same long procedures for divorce, waiting periods in order to receive the certificate of divorce to continue a full life and develop new relationships.

There is an exit! Divorce through the registry office as the easiest and fastest way to end old relationships and breathe freely again.

Divorce through the registry office

First you need to figure out what kind of state body it is. Citizens of any state must record changes in their status in society. For this, the state authorities specially create the appropriate bodies, which have as their task the implementation of registration of acts of civil status of the population. This is necessary so that every natural person can freely exercise their civil rights and obligations.

In Ukraine, such functions are carried out by structural divisions of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine – departments of registration of acts of civil status. It is these bodies that must register the facts of the birth of a child, establishment of paternity, marriage, divorce, change of surname, name, patronymic of a person, death. The documents obtained as a result of this registration are required in many other state bodies for the exercise of personal human rights. That is why the implementation of state registration is a mandatory component in case of changes in the status of a person.

Divorce through the registry office has its advantages. First of all, this is a small package of documents to apply. A sample application for divorce by mutual consent will be provided to you in the state body itself. Secondly, this is a meager amount of service fee, we will tell you more in detail. Thirdly, it is not necessary to provide a lot of evidence in order to make a decision on divorce.

Divorce procedure

Now we should tell a little more about the implementation of the procedure for divorce.

From the previous section, you know which body carries out this procedure. However, which one should you refer to? So, the authorized body of the registry office to consider your appeal is the one that is geographically located at the place of residence of one of the spouses. This also indicates a certain freedom and ease in the implementation of the divorce procedure.

Who can contact this body? A feature of the possibility of divorce through the registry office is the exclusive circle of those who can use it. This requires two conditions.

First, spouses should not have common children. In this case, the legislation of Ukraine does not differentiate children by age into minors and teenagers. Also in this case, it is important that there are no common children, that is, when both spouses are not biological parents, or did not adopt a child. This is a mandatory norm and must be followed.

Secondly, a divorce in the registry office is possible only with the mutual consent of both spouses. Both husband and wife should remember that the definition of marriage is a voluntary union of both parties. Therefore, if one of them decided to break off relations, then there is no point in resisting the other. The divorce will take place anyway. And by agreeing to a voluntary procedure for divorce, it is still possible for former lovers to maintain normal relations.

Sample application for divorce by mutual consent

The next stage, which requires discussion, is a list of documents that must be submitted for the divorce procedure in the registry office.

The main document, of course, is an application for divorce by mutual consent. This sample will be provided to you by a government agency. They will also help you with its filling. In general, the application is not difficult, however, it requires a clear completion of all points. It should be remembered that the information you enter in the application will be used by government agencies, so they must be indicated clearly and correctly. Please note that you are liable under the law for giving false information. That is why be careful when filling out an application for divorce by mutual consent. We recommend using a sample for this.

We want to warn you right away that the state registration authorities may charge additional fees for the provision of application forms. So be prepared to commit to these small expenses.

You also need to have an identity document with you. Basically, this is a passport of a citizen of Ukraine. This information is not new, because any government services can be provided only to identified individuals. We recommend that you make copies of the passport document prematurely in order not to spend money on this in the registry office.

And one more document, which is mandatory and logical in the divorce procedure through the registry office by mutual consent, is a marriage certificate. Indeed, this is a necessary document in order to find out whether the marriage is officially concluded and whether it is valid. A copy of this document should also be attached to the application.

Our lawyers will be able to provide you with more detailed advice on your specific procedure for divorce.

How much does a divorce in Ukraine by mutual consent cost?

In general, the services of state bodies in Ukraine do not require large investments. And divorce through the registry office is no exception. The legislation establishes that for divorce in the registry office by mutual consent, the spouses must pay a state fee in the amount of 0.5 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens. How much will it be in hryvnia? As of 2020, divorce in Ukraine by mutual consent costs only 8 hryvnia 50 kopecks.

So, now you are familiar with the procedure for divorce in the state registration authorities, which occurs by mutual consent of the spouses. Contact for advice, because each case has its own characteristics and the qualified assistance of a lawyer will help you understand all the intricacies of your process.