Young lovers want to legalize their relationship as soon as possible, therefore, recently in Ukraine, it became possible to get married per day. However, not all marriages stand the test of time. And then a new desire arises – divorce in one day.

It is quite possible to make a quick divorce in Ukraine. To do this, it is necessary, first of all, to contact specialists in the field of family law, who understand all the subtleties of the process of divorce and how this can be done as soon as possible. An individual approach to each client guarantees a high-quality result in the provision of our services.

Quick divorce – myth or reality?

The spouses who have started the divorce proceedings most want it to end. This process is extremely exhausting both physically and mentally. The biggest fear in such cases is the waiting time for a divorce decision. However, our clients should not worry, as we can guarantee a quick divorce in Ukraine.

The quick timeline for divorce depends on various circumstances. Let’s talk about the main ones.

One of the important factors in a quick divorce is the consent or disagreement of the parties. So, it often happens that one of the spouses is still trying to preserve the marriage, not giving his consent to its dissolution. This tactic is wrong, because everyone knows that in this case, the marriage can be ended. The only problem that this will create is the delay in the divorce proceedings.

However, there is no need to worry, our qualified lawyers know a way out of this situation. Even if the other party disagrees, the correct execution of the statement of claim for divorce greatly speeds up this process. A qualified lawyer knows how to describe the circumstances of family life in order for the court to decide on a quick divorce.

However, any legal process has its own time frames regulated by law. Thus, the court will not separate you faster than a month after the submission of the relevant application. This period is provided for the spouses so that they can once again think over their act, weigh all the pros and cons. After all, this decision will affect not only the spouses, but also their children. Also, in most cases, a material issue immediately arises – the division of property.

Therefore, within a month, a married couple has the opportunity to make sure that their decision is correct or still change it.

In any case, you should not worry about the length of the process. A qualified lawyer will tell you about the possibilities to reduce this time in a legal way, because this is one of his main tasks.

Is there a quick divorce from children?

Another important factor is whether the spouses have children or not. If a couple has children, divorce is possible only in court. This is provided specifically in order to protect the rights of children. After all, then the court will take into account the interests of children, the need to preserve or dissolve a marriage in the interests of minors.

In this case, you should not count on a quick divorce in Ukraine. However, our lawyers will make sure that this procedure goes through as quickly as possible. That is why we offer legal support throughout the entire process to obtain the fastest possible result.

What is needed for this? A properly executed statement of claim is the most important factor that will help speed up the process. This document must contain comprehensive arguments about the reasons for the dissolution of the marriage, an explanation of the impossibility of further cohabitation, which will be supported by evidence. No less important in the case of a quick divorce from children is the explanation of the parties about whether the interests of the young family members will suffer, whether their rights and interests will not be violated.

In Ukraine, the state takes care of the interests of young members of society, prohibiting the divorce of parents in the first year of the child’s life and during the pregnancy of the wife. This is a peremptory norm of the law, which is subject to mandatory execution. But there are exceptions. So, if violence is committed against a child or another spouse or any other crime, the court will terminate such a marriage.

In a situation where there are children, divorce in one day is of course a myth. However, it is still possible to do this in a short time. Our specialists have experience in such situations and will be able to advise you in your specific case.

Quick divorce in Ukraine

Each case of divorce on the territory of Ukraine must go through all stages of the trial, which, accordingly, have their own time frames. Therefore, you should not count on a quick divorce. Spent time, money, effort and patience are key components of the divorce process.

Your savior in this situation will be to see a specialist. Only a specialist in family law can help you avoid unnecessary expenses and keep your nerves.