If you want to break a registered marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine, then it is quite possible to do this. Ukrainian legislation provides for a number of grounds on which a marriage is terminated. However, the first step is always to apply for divorce. You can draw it up by yourself or ask for help from qualified lawyers who will tell you about all the nuances and difficulties in this design.

Sample application for divorce in Ukraine

Making any application is a troublesome and very important stage. The further fate of the process that it launches depends on the correct design. It is also the basis of any case, because it is on this document that future consideration will be based.

The application for divorce can be of different types. It all depends on whether neither party objects to the divorce, and whether the spouses have minor children. It is important that such a statement contains all the requirements of the law, is correctly drawn up, and submitted to the appropriate authority. Our lawyers have many years of experience in this area, so they can easily help you formulate your requirements correctly.

The first of these types is an application for divorce by spouses who have no children. It is submitted at the place where the spouses or one of them live to the appropriate registry office. It is not always worth using a sample application for divorce, which is posted on various sites, because they may contain information that has already lost its relevance, or norms that are not in force in Ukraine.

Another type is a joint application for divorce by spouses with children under eighteen years of age. This procedure is carried out through the courts. Our lawyers can provide a sample of a joint application for divorce in Ukraine by spouses who have minor children.

This procedure has its own characteristics. First, the spouses must demand the dissolution of the marriage by mutual consent of the parties. Any creation of a divorce dispute in such a case is prohibited. The parties should deliberately go to a step with a divorce. Secondly, along with the application, an Agreement containing provisions on the upbringing and maintenance of children after divorce is also submitted. It is important that such an agreement spells out all the points related to the distribution of responsibilities for raising a child, its content, the child’s stay with his parents. Also, such an agreement is subject to notarization. A divorce lawyer will help in the competent drafting of such an agreement and an application for divorce, taking into account any of your wishes.

The next type is a statement of claim for divorce in Ukraine. This application is also submitted only to the court, when one of the spouses does not give his consent to divorce, respectively, a dispute arises. It is in this case that you should not use a sample application for divorce, because the court may leave such a statement without movement if it is issued without observing all the requirements of the law. And if such shortcomings have not yet been corrected, the court may refuse to open proceedings altogether. The work of a divorce lawyer is precisely in the correct execution of the claim, so that the trial takes place as quickly as possible and without calling the parties, and based on the written materials of the case, which will most fully and correctly describe the situation of the parties. An application for divorce in Ukraine must contain information about the actual relationship that has developed between the spouses, the true reasons for filing a claim, the reasons for the impossibility of further living together, the presence of children, the circumstances of family life. A qualified divorce attorney will help with filing a claim and further support of the case.

How much does divorce cost in Ukraine

The process of filling out an application for divorce through the registry office is usually carried out by the employees of such institutions themselves, who may charge additional fees for this. It should also be remembered that a state fee is charged for filing such an application. Therefore, the answer to the question of how much it costs to divorce in Ukraine may change annually. Filing an application with the court also requires a receipt for the payment of the court fee. This fee is related to the size of the subsistence minimum. So, if we are talking about filing an application for divorce by agreement of the spouses, then the plaintiff should be ready to pay UAH 405, which in 2020 is 0.2 of the minimum subsistence level. But if the parties file an application for divorce by way of action proceedings, then the plaintiff will need to pay already 0.4 of the living wage, which as of 2020 is 810 UAH.

Therefore, the payment amount may vary from year to year. However, there are also cases when a person is exempted from paying court fees. Divorce proceedings in Ukraine are not expensive if you use the services of qualified lawyers. They will help speed up the process of considering the case by properly filling out the application for divorce. It should also be noted that the trial and in general can take place without the presence of the parties in court. The materials of the case should give the court a complete picture of the current situation between the spouses, and encourage it to make a decision without calling the parties.

Application for divorce in Lviv

If a spouse or one of them lives in Lviv, they can submit an application for divorce to one of the registry offices located in the city. In this case, it matters in which district their place of residence is registered. It is important to correctly determine the territorial place of filing the application, in order to complete the divorce process as quickly as possible.

Divorce in Lviv follows the same rules as in the rest of Ukraine. It should be noted that Lviv is a compact city, where it is easy to get to any judicial authority. Submitting an application does not cause problems in the divorce process. If the spouses have small children or there is no voluntary consent of one of them, the application must be filed with a court in Lviv, where the defendant is registered. However, there are cases when you can go to court at the place of registration of the plaintiff. Namely, if the plaintiff has children, or if his state of health does not allow him to get to the place of court according to the rules of general jurisdiction. It is also worth noting that the parties can agree to consider the case in court at the place of residence or stay of one of them.

Maintaining friendly relations between former spouses is an important component of future relationships with children. A qualified lawyer will help you avoid quarrels and misunderstandings during the divorce process.