If you are still surprised when you hear that legal advice on divorce is free, then you have definitely never contacted us. This practice is quite common in Lviv. After all, it is the consultation that shows the level of the lawyer’s qualifications, after which a trusting relationship begins to build between him and the client.

We would like to note that consultation, even free, is an important element for clarifying all the circumstances of the case, its details and peculiarities. Since all people are individual and the problems they face are also different for everyone. It is important to know what methods of resolving the dispute will be the best in your case.

An individual approach to each client and a clear understanding of the circumstances of the case is what distinguishes us from hundreds of other lawyers in divorce. After all, divorce is not an easy matter. You are under constant stress. We understand your condition and try to do our best. A pleasant atmosphere and friendly attitude of our lawyers will help you forget about problems at least for a certain period.

Our lawyers are experienced in resolving divorce cases of any complexity. Therefore, you should not worry about the result. Effective legal assistance and constant support are the key points of our cooperation. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the appeal to our specialists and will be able to recommend our service to your friends.

Remember that qualified consultation is the first step to a successful result of your business!

Divorce lawyer services

More than one Ukrainian family faces with problems in family life. Sometimes going to a family psychologist helps to cope with difficulties. However, couples do not always find a way out of critical situations. And everything comes to the point that you need a lawyer for a divorce.

The statistics in Lviv, and in general in Ukraine, are rather disappointing. Many couples cannot stand a married life even in the early years of marriage. However, they manage to acquire common property and, of course, descendants during this time. And then, like a bolt from the blue, the husband could not stand the constant reproaches of his wife, or the wife caught the faithful in a lie or, even worse, in treason. And it comes to divorce. In such moments, the question immediately arises, with whom the children will remain and how to divide the property? We know the answers to these questions. Our lawyer will provide free advice on any issue in divorce. We are constantly updating our stocks of knowledge in the field of family law, investigating the judicial practice that has developed from such situations.

The services of a divorce lawyer are necessary so that your case is considered promptly and the result is in your favor. A qualified lawyer knows about all the intricacies of solving such categories of cases and will recommend you the best way to dissolve your marriage under existing circumstances. Free legal advice in case of divorce is a good opportunity for a party to the divorce proceedings, to find out exactly who to choose to protect their rights in court.

What to do if you need a divorce lawyer?

A common question that many Ukrainians have. Or how to find a qualified lawyer? Where to find it? Some of the relatives tell scary stories about how they gave the money to the lawyer, but he did not appear at the trial. A friend came across a lawyer who knew absolutely nothing about family law. The neighbor insistently proposes to her nephew, who has just graduated from university. And the Internet is teeming with ads of lawyers who will take up your case without even knowing all the circumstances. This really makes your head spin. Especially when there are still relatives nearby who convince you to leave the divorce case and continue to endure further. But enough! We can help you. Let’s outline some tips on how to find a divorce lawyer and not get hooked on scammers. 

First of all, you shouldn’t listen and believe all the stories about lawyers. Each case has its own characteristics, just as specialists cannot be equated under one card. And in our business there are dishonest people. However, there are many who have devoted most of their lives to helping others with minimal reward.

Second, talk to a lawyer. It is this person who should know everything about your marriage. Any details will help the human rights activist to form the tactics of representing your position in court. The more he knows, the more scenarios he will be able to foresee and determine which of them is best for you. It is at this stage that free legal advice is important in case of divorce. He can find out the circumstances of the case and decide whether he can bring it to a victorious end. And you, in turn, will be able to analyze the attorney’s approach to the case, his professional training and skills. It is important that both are confident in the choice, because in the future they will be on the same side and have a common goal. Making a decision in favor of the client is what should unite you.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask your lawyer questions. You, too, must clearly understand how the lawyer will act, the sequence of his actions and ways of doing business. If he cannot explain this to you, this is the first call to look for a new defender.

Sociability and the ability to convey your opinion and position are among the most important characteristics of a lawyer, not only in divorce. Therefore, if you cannot find a common language with your lawyer, it is not worth it that he further defends your rights.

Free legal consultation in Lviv

After you have learned several ways to identify a qualified lawyer, enjoy his work. After all, he knows exactly how the judicial system works, what documents need to be prepared, he will explain what is worth and what should not be said at the sessions. Free legal advice on divorce in Lviv is used by many law firms. Consult and look for your lawyer, because it is important to get the desired result. Your success depends on many factors, so consider all the circumstances and be confident in your choice.